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Wicked City

Yôjû toshi

Geregisseerd door Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Japan, 1987
Animatie, Fantasie, Horror


There has been peace between the worlds of the mortals and the supernatural for centuries, but the balance is now being threatened. The Radical elements from the Supernatural world are crossing over into the mortal universe for the purpose of destroying the peace forever!

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Wicked City Geregisseerd door Yoshiaki Kawajiri


I’m not sure what I would have thought of the film if I’d watched it at 12, or for that matter what I could have imagined future sexual encounters to be like, but it made me reflect on the way that you find some films – or some films find you – at just the right time in your life.
November 20, 2016
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  • The Macho King's rating of the film Wicked City

    I still vividly remember this, I was kid creeping through the cable channels around 1 AM and stumbled across this on HBO/Cinemax. And it just so happens to be at the part of going into the "bed room" scene. Finished watching that part and was thinking to myself "What in the fuck..." and hastily peered around the house & turned the channel swift as fuck. Wasn't about to get caught, imagine having to explain that shit.

  • Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Wicked City

    Neo-noir meets demonic-monster horror... only to come from the mind of Kawajiri (best known for NINJA SCROLL of course). While the animation still holds its place in anime's history, there were at times it has some little flaws in between a good story it told as it shows enough steamy sex scenes & gnarly creatures for which some audiences would have a bit of a mixed reaction. I don't mind giving another shot at it.

  • Jesse Clark's rating of the film Wicked City

    The saddest thing about Wicked City is that within the first thirty minutes you feel as if you're being set up for THE greatest spot-on noir OVA you've never seen. Unfortunately, by the end it devolves into the excessive demon rape and anime tropes that characterize its era. That said, this is still an awesome film, at least for those of us who actually enjoy this sort of thing. A classic supernatural action anime.

  • Georges Iroh's rating of the film Wicked City

    The binary mode of thought is toxic and regressive. The fight against separatist ideology, rendered through a body horror exploitation film aesthetic. Every frame is saturated with erotic imagery, but the moments of predatory sexuality scan as violent and loveless extremism rather than inherently fetishistic, meaning this film could potentially be viewed as a puritanical romanticist screed against unsentimental lust.

  • Bob's rating of the film Wicked City

    What starts as a seductive and stylish neo-noir - that has its weird moments - transits itself into an epic interspace battle filed with body horror. And only to be concluded as a romantic eulogy, with the twist in the middle that cheapens the entire plot. Animation and the soundtrack - which covers its time period from synth to pop ballads - are here to add a flavor that has earned a cult status for this film.

  • Tibulle85's rating of the film Wicked City

    (ReVu en DVD) Sans doute pas le meilleur Kawajiri (Ninja scroll, Blood Lust), mais un véritable concentré des obsessions et du style du réalisateur avec des scènes particulièrement mémorables (notamment les scènes mêlant gore et érotisme: la 1ere séquence du film est culte à cet égard et a marqué une génération de spectateurs!) Sinon, mise en scène toujours aussi efficace et (bien sûr) ultra-stylée comme il se doit.

  • Ana's rating of the film Wicked City

    Visually appealing and interesting main story. Although the female characters are overly sexualized and even strong female characters turn up to be weak. Thus feeding on the idea that women are weak by nature and man are romantic playboys. Then again this movie dates back to 1987 and so it definetly fits in the standart of that era.

  • Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Wicked City

    an alliance for a new world — 80's anime style.

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