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Geregisseerd door Larisa Shepitko
Sovjet-Unie, 1966


Larisa Shepitko’s stunning first feature after graduating from the All-Russian State Institute for Cinematography was this fascinating character study about a once heroic female Russian fighter pilot now living a quiet, disappointingly ordinary life as a school principal.

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Wings Geregisseerd door Larisa Shepitko


An understated and rich portrait of a woman forced to reconsider her values and the place of her past in the personal and social circumstances in which she now finds herself.
June 29, 2016
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Shepitko’s eye and ear for detail are admirable. Nadya asks the curator if anyone has brought him a samovar for his collection, referring to an outmoded teapot she no doubt used in her younger days in sarcastic reference to her own age. Shepitko shoots a close-up of a high heel sinking into the school’s cheap floor, turned to putty by a pervasive dampness. She very effective isolates the charged look between Nadya and the student she expelled at the crowded tavern…
January 29, 2016
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As a portrait of a woman in all her frustration, strength, shrugging acceptance and longing for lost love – both of a flying machine and a man – it is unsurpassed. Wings was Russian director Larisa Shepitko’s first feature after film school, and her realist style is combined with exquisite cinematography.
September 07, 2015

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  • Ghostman's rating of the film Wings

    A masterwork and a great debut. A moving film about nostalgia, changing times/eras, middle age, womanhood, generational and class disputes, and moving from the past. I need to see more of Larisa Shepitko's work. I've only seen one film by her and I can already tell she is a master.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Wings

    4,5. I repeat myself: extraordinary filmmaker who thinks the images not as the feed of a fiction but as an autonomous structure of thinking and its diegetic driving adequacy, ie, concrete emotions from an autonomy of language. See the first frame: a single shot showing a crowd from the reflection of windows in various levels of this single image. The uno in/of(f) the crowd, like its main character.

  • comeandsee's rating of the film Wings

    one of the greatest films ever made. shepitko is a true auteur, her style is unique and influenced by both godard and ozu. she depicts a generation which does not understand the young vitality of its offspring too. and she has a swipe at the soviet censors who ruined a whole ream of cinema.

  • Tobin.'s rating of the film Wings

    This was quite incredible. Shepitko seems to be a major talent and I'm so happy her films have made it into the eclipse series, although this is definitely deserving of it's own criterion release. Looking forward to watching The Ascent!

  • THE APOLL0's rating of the film Wings

    A beautiful prescient film. In a world where the most basic animal material needs are fulfilled the human questions and needs are left wanting in a rigid hierarchical society based on capital accumulation.

  • ihor's rating of the film Wings

    The glory of the past fades away, but life moves on. How is one to continue living? This Shepitko explores through a slow careful character study that also analyzes Soviet society obsessed with remembrance and reverence of "The Great Patriot War". The war is gone but what is there in the present or the future for its heroes or for the nation itself? What is there to hang on besides the mythical past?

  • deni.a's rating of the film Wings

    I don't know what i want to say, Shepitko has a great talent to expression her feeling and she could transform it to her talent. And I love that as an audience. May you rest in peace in heaven madam :)

  • Raven's rating of the film Wings

    Great film. This movie seems to get better and better as you watch it and ends almost perfectly. I couldn't help but feel sympathy for the main character. It is a shame Larisa Shepitko left so early of this world. Her unique style and direction would have certainly produced many great movies.

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