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Woman on the Beach

Haebyonui yoin

Geregisseerd door Hong Sang-soo
Zuid-Korea, 2006
Romantiek, Komedie, Drama


Film director Kim Jung-rae asks his friend Won Chang-wook to drive with him from Seoul to the resort town of Shinduri. Chang-wook initially resists, but accepts the request on the condition that he can bring Kim Mun-suk, a composer and aspiring singer whom he describes as being his girlfriend.

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Woman on the Beach Geregisseerd door Hong Sang-soo


Watch and listen closely and you’ll recognize Hong’s own hangups—about petty one-upmanship, sexual inadequacy, the particular cruelty of abandoning a dog on the side of the road—as your own. His films hold a mirror to the parts of you you’d rather not see. You can hardly look away, nor can you stop laughing. Still, there is real joy in these films.
June 08, 2016
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If it has long been fashionable for filmmakers to create situations that have within them the possibility to be read very differently as formal device or narrative trick… Woman on the Beach seems all the more disquieting because it possesses the ambiguous in the image and not only between the images. This is properly character-based cinema, and sometimes a deceptively simple way to create astonishing complexity in film.
April 29, 2013
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