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Wreck-It Ralph

Geregisseerd door Rich Moore
Verenigde Staten, 2012
Animatie, Komedie, Actie


The bad-guy in an 8-bit arcade game who longs to be a hero brings trouble to his entire arcade when looking for his place in the other video games and unleashing a deadly enemy.

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Wreck-It Ralph Geregisseerd door Rich Moore

Prijzen & Festivals

Academy Awards

2013 | Genomineerde: Best Animated Feature

Village Voice Film Poll

2012 | Genomineerde: Best Animated Feature Film

National Board of Review

2012 | Winnaar: Best Animated Feature

BAFTA Awards

2013 | Genomineerde: BAFTA Kids Vote - Feature Film (BAFTA Children's Award)


“Sugar rush” is an apt description for Wreck-It Ralph, which has great highs but ultimately feels as undernourishing and frantic as an afternoon lost to Mega Man. Best to savor the visual gags: Especially in scenes depicting Felix (Jack McBrayer) and his family, the Pixar-less team has great fun mimicking a Nintendo-ish, herky-jerky animation style.
November 01, 2012
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This relationship—more father-daughter than anything—accesses a rare degree of emotion for any movie, never mind the animated ones: Vanellope just wants to win the race and not feel like a “glitch.” Ralph has confidence issues as well. Their mutual bonding ratchets up the drama, softening Silverman’s snark and magnifying Reilly’s dignity.
October 31, 2012
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Moore can’t keep Ralph on anything like an even keel, ricocheting him between consoles before landing him in Sugar Rush, forcing the film to milk its brand-named wonk-factory sight gags (Nesquiksand, a Diet Coke volcano, you get it).
October 28, 2012
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