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The Factory

Завод | Zavod

Geregisseerd door Yuriy Bykov
Rusland, Frankrijk, 2018


After a local oligarch purchases a factory in a small Russian town and announces its closure, the blue-collar workers decide to kidnap him in order to get what’s theirs.

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The Factory Geregisseerd door Yuriy Bykov


Technically, this is in every respect a well-oiled machine, with Vladimir Ushakov’s dramatic, dark-palette cinematography meshing seamlessly with the crisp use of sound and unshowy but effective production and costume design. Altogether, the package harks back to classic film noir, right down to the budget-maximizing use of just a handful of locations and symbolic shafts of light.
September 24, 2018
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Bykov, again, is not interested in subtlety; there are big speeches that spell out the direness of the national situation. But he’s also interested in having fun with the tension, letting people say rude things that are also grimly amusing and delivering some thrills.
September 13, 2018
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A slice of social criticism so direct that it’s hard to believe it could be made inside Putin’s Russia, The Factory is also a cracking actioner of the first order. Young auteur Yury Bykov (The Major, The Fool) has imbibed lessons from both his black-hearted Russian compatriots (the late Aleksei Balabanov, especially) and the masters of Asian gangland cinema
September 11, 2018
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