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Geregisseerd door Astra Taylor
Canada, Verenigde Staten, 2005


Filmmaker Astra Taylor followed Slavoj Zizek as he traveled across Europe, South America, and the United States on a speaking tour, and Zizek! captures the man as his mind and tongue both run in fifth gear while he encounters his fans and followers on- and off-stage.

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Žižek! Geregisseerd door Astra Taylor


I’m almost tempted to say that making me popular is a resistance against taking me serious, says Slavoj Zizek in this entertaining 2005 portrait of the Slovene cultural theorist and academic rock star. It’s a characteristic utterance, and his charisma is such that the meaning registers despite the faulty grammar… [Zizek’s] frenetic and lucid manner is neatly captured by the jazzy style of director Astra Taylor.
March 31, 2006
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