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The Notebook's First Annual Writers' Poll: 2008 Top Ten

Daniel Kasman
Each of the Notebook's writers were given the opportunity to submit their ten favorite films of 2008 given at least a week's theatrical run in the U.S.  The entries have been tabulated we have our first ever year's end list of The Auteurs' Notebook's favorite films.
01 A Christmas Tale (Desplechin, France)
02 Ne touchez pas la hache [The Duchess of Langeais] (Rivette, France)
03 Still Life (Jia, China)
04 In the City with Sylvia (Guerín, Spain)
05 Flight of the Red Balloon (Hou, France)
06 Woman on the Beach (Hong, South Korean)
07 Wendy and Lucy (Reichardt, USA)
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Mungiu, Romania)
09 The Last Mistress (Breillat, France)
10 Synecdoche, New York (Kaufman, USA)


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