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Lovesick: The Complicated Relationship of "Phantom Thread"

Paul Thomas Anderson’s "Phantom Thread" is an achingly beauteous and painful portrait of a complicated, codependent relationship.

The Genius of Leo McCarey

The Artistic Director of the Locarno Festival reflects on the American comedy director to whom the festival's next retrospective is devoted.

The Camera Moves #8

In a combination of camera movement and cross-fades, "The Long Day Closes" shows a child's journey from school to church to cinema.

Golden Globes 2018. Nominees

And the nominees are...

A Weakness for Complexity: An Interview with the Philosopher George M. Wilson

The philosopher discusses the evolution of his extraordinary 1986 book "Narration in Light: Studies in Cinematic Point of View".

The Antierotica of "Antiporno"

Japanese director Sion Sono turns the entire genre of softcore pornography on its head.

The Best Movie Posters of 2017

Our movie poster columnist unveils his favorite designs of the year.

The Forgotten: James Whale's "Hello Out There" (1949)

James Whale's last film is a haunting one-act play set in an expressionist jail cell.

A Cold Take on the French Film Industry: Close-Up on "Irma Vep"

Often seen as a satire on the film industry, Olivier Assayas & Maggie Cheung's film is elusive and mirrors its story of unstable identities.

“Who talks of realism here?”: Seijun Suzuki’s Taisho Trilogy

The unpredictable Japanese director brings his characteristic style of surrealism to three tales from Japan's early 20th century.

In and Of the World: The Textures of Michael’s Mann’s "Heat"

Michael Mann's modern crime masterpiece is a visceral rendering of a city, its people, and the textures that bond and extricate the two.

Contemporary Chinese Cinema: The Year So Far

Presenting a new column devoted to exploring contemporary Chinese-language cinema playing at our local North American multiplexes.