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14 Erotic Character Posters from Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" to Give Any Cinephile a Hard On

Lars von Trier teases with character posters that ooze sweaty eroticism.

The extensive and immensely creative promotional campaign to Lars von Trier's erotic drama Nymphomaniac continues its online success. Every month since June, Zentropa has offered cinephiles crusty appetizers from the film von Trier's controversial producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen believes will be "the auteur's magnum opus."

The best treat yet was served yesterday—or rather 14 treats—in the form of a series of character posters that oozes sweaty eroticism. But it's not to be taken too seriously. As so often with von Trier, one can practically hear his chuckling behind all the wonderful exaggerations, and Nymphomaniac seems even more tongue-in-cheek than any von Trier-film since The Idiots.

Some weeks ago, the Norwegian film magazine Montages gained access to exclusive information from reliable sources, containing new details previously not known about the film. Be sure to read the article over at

The posters reveals the orgasmic faces of, respectively:

• Young Joe (Stacy Martin)
• Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg)
• Joes father (Christian Slater)
• Joes mother (Connie Nielsen)
• Jerôme (Shia LaBeouf)
• Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård)
• The Waiter (Udo Kier)
• Mrs. H (Uma Thurman)
• K (Jamie Bell)
• S (Jens Albinus)
• P (Mia Goth)
• F (Nicolas Bro)
• B (Sophie Kennedy Clark)
• L (Willem Dafoe)

Source: Montages

Rosenbaum described Trier as a “consummate con-artist who knows how to work the press.” and I think this pretty much proves it.
and what cinephile WOULDN’T get a hardon with one look at this series of photos?! i mean, unless there are cinephiles that don’t have penises, but surely this is preposterous ;-)
My comment wasn’t meant to flatter Trier in any way. I just meant to say that he’s a con man who know’s how to work the press.
more like hard-OFF
The subtlety is in the overt ‘sleaze’…those who take the man at his word, especially when he’s being sarcastic, are in for a hell of a head scratching. They don’t see the man’s humor. By the way, I think Seligman’s is the best, posed like some sort of dashing superhero…in the unglamorous buff. XD
Lars von Trier is not a “con artist” unless you are so full-of-yourself with regards to your taste that you believe anything that does not appeal to (read: placate) your personal standards must be objectively worthless. Indeed he is masterful at creating publicity, but he does so not because he has nothing to deliver, but because he is just that confident that what he is offering up with make its impression. He just makes it look easy. I, personally, cannot wait for the films that follow on the heels of these tantalizing/nauseating/hilarious tidbits.
Ooooooh… Did I just have 14 consecutive orgasms?
Juliet, all I said was that he’s a con artist who knows how to work the press. I didn’t say anything about whether he is a bad director or not.
Udo Kier as The Waiter looks as if he has just discovered that ‘God’ (as he always suspected) is, in actuality, his dead Grandmother…

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