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A Chromatic Coincidence: Andrés Duque Introduces His Film "Oleg and the Rare Arts"

In Russia, no one would be able to physically recognize Oleg Nikolayevich Karavaichuk, but everyone can identify his music.
Andrés Duque's Oleg and the Rare Arts (2016), which is receiving an exclusive global online premiere on MUBI, is showing from June 9 - July 9, 2017 as a Special Discovery.
Oleg and the Rare Arts
I first met Oleg Nikolayevich Karavaichuk through his film scores. In Russia, no one would be able to physically recognize Karavaichuk, but everyone can identify his music. It’s a triumph of the artist, at least on a personal level, to remain alive but invisible. Karavaichuk doesn’t like people, he is a punk from another time—controversial, a defender of freedom and an enemy of money. This makes him a philosopher with visions about art that are incorruptible and unquestionable.
I felt a very strong compulsion to go there and register those truths, because nowadays I feel they are fading. I wanted to capture his words, his crazy way of associating ideas, his gestures and above all his music. As a whole, he is poetry.
But it was not easy to get the hermit out of his house. I spent two years looking for him, and trying to convince him to allow me portray him. I had the opportunity to finally meet him on a summer afternoon in Gorki Park, thanks to the help of Boris Alekseev and Karina Karaeva. Fate wanted it that way, it was a coincidence of blues. Nobody told us what to wear but we were all wearing the same color. He saw it as a good sign, maybe, because he approached us to have a chat.
In the film, I wanted to show how this artist managed to fly higher than any other bird. And in order to do it I could not cut him. It was all about locking a space, preparing everything so that he could feel inspired, and then shoot, improvisation. It was the only condition of this film.

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