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Agnès Varda @ Not Coming to a Theater Near You

"In the next two weeks," announces Not Coming to a Theater Near You, "in coordination with the availability of a great chunk of her oeuvre on, we'll be looking at an array of [Agnès] Varda films, beginning with Cléo from 5 to 7 and concluding with her most recent effort, 2008's The Beaches of Agnès. In between these poles we find Varda exploring topics from the Black Power movement of the late 1960s (Black Panthers), graffiti murals (Mur murs), homelessness (first fictionally in Vagabond, and then again in her acclaimed documentary The Gleaners & I), pedophilia (Kung-fu Master!), and the childhood memories of her beloved husband [Jacques] Demy (Jacquot de Nantes). In all of it we find a vision of cinema that overcomes many of the standard antinomies — commercial and experimental, narrative and documentary, light and heavy, political and aesthetic — in pursuit of something at once more comprehensive and more personal."

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