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Barack Obama's Favorite Films

Barack Obama lists these films as some of his favorites.  We usually think one's personal tastes are an insight into who they are.  Do these say something about US' President-elect?
Ten bucks says the sixth film is Love Actually.
At least we finally have a politician who doesn’t list Mr. Smith Goes to Washington…
I won’t rest until we have a President who lists “Out One” as among his favorite films.
Are you sure about that Glenn, a President with a predilection for conspiracy?
I thought we already had a President with a predeliction for conspiracy… He was called “Nixon”
Someone should show him some Rivette.
Forget Out 1, wouldn’t it be terrific if Obama was all “I’ve been obsessed with In the City of Sylvia lately, and I can’t tell you how exciting NGA’s Oshima retrospective is going to be!”
would be cool if he liked Bad Lieutenant
Or Paul Verhoeven. (Maybe not)
Forget Out 1. Below is a list of the top ten most popular movies that have been screened at the White House in the past ninety years. 10) Field of Dreams 9) The Bridge on the River Kwai 8) The Longest Day 7) A Man For All Seasons 6) Sabrina 5) Patton 4) Roman Holiday 3) Casablanca 2) Bad Day at Black Rock 1) High Noon
He’s got good taste…this is a great blog. Kevin
Damn, here I was hoping that he’d at least show some affinity for Straub-Huillet films!
You have to hand it to the man, he has taste. The Rake
He mentions in one of his books (I forgot which one) that he has a strong dislike for Black Orpheus.
Haha! Is that true? Man, I got through the funniest conversation about that flick not less than an hour ago. Ironic or jokey or true or whatever, it’s really a coincidence that you mentioned it.
I’m surprised not to see any Gaspar Noe films on his list.
Well, this doesn’t take me by surprise, I mean, I didn’t expect him to like Henri Georges Clouzot or some auteur of the like, I just expect him to be a good president. I’m not an American, but I wish you all good luck with him, especially being the world as it is now.
No Chantal Ackerman? This is clearly a one-term president.
I heard his favorite politcal films are ELECTION and THE CANDIDATE.
Obama’s going to be too busy to watch films I suppose (hopefully).
It would be cool if he didn’t list all safe choices. Not a film under 30 years old? Nothing with subtitles? No documentaries? I guess “change” doesn’t include revamping a completely ordinary, unchallenging film list. Yes, he does have taste. Too bad his taste is questionable. I see two over-rateds (Casablanca, Lawrence Of Arabia). The other three are so great that just about everything that can be said about them has been said over and over and over again. And kudos, yes, thanks for not including “Mr. Smith” on this list. Capra makes me want to drive nails into my eyeballs.
diplomacy, ho!
Damn I thought it was going to be all Oliver Stone flixs, beeznezzeel
He just went to the AFI’s 100 greatest films list and picked the first four he had actually watched.

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