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Berlinale 2012. Rankings

A personal list of 26 films seen at this year’s Berlinale, from the outstanding to the very bad.
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There'll be more notes and roundups over the next few days, but before tonight's presentation of the Bears, I thought I'd rank the films I managed to see at this year's Berlinale. Note that these are not awards predictions but rather personal preferences, for what they're worth. In order (for the moment):



1. Barbara (Christian Petzold), Competition (see the notes and roundup).
2. Tabu (Miguel Gomes), Competition (notes and roundup).
3. Revision (Philip Scheffner), Forum.


4. Bestiaire (Denis Côté), Forum (notes and roundup).


5. Sister (Ursula Meier), Competition.
6. Death Row (Werner Herzog), Berlinale Special.
7. War Witch (Kim Nguyen), Competition.
8. Aujourd'hui (Alain Gomis), Competition.
9. Everybody in Our Family (Radu Jude), Forum.
10. Marina Abramović The Artist Is Present (Matthew Akers), Panorama Dokumente.
11. Golden Slumbers (Davy Chou), Forum.


12. Mercy (Matthias Glasner), Competition.
13. Captive (Brillante Mendoza), Competition (notes and roundup).
14. Francine (Brian M Cassidy and Melani Shatzky), Forum.
15. Caesar Must Die (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani), Competition.
16. White Deer Plain (Wang Quan'an), Competition.
17. Meteora (Spiros Stathoulopoulos), Competition.
18. Condition (Thomas Heise), Forum.


19. Farewell, My Queen (Benoît Jacquot), Competition (notes and roundup).
20. Kid-Thing (David and Nathan Zellner), Forum.
21. Choked (Kim Joong-hyun), Forum.
22. Coming Home (Frédéric Videau), Competition.
23. Postcards from the Zoo (Edwin), Competition.


24. Iron Sky (Timo Vuorensola), Panorama Special.


25. Home for the Weekend (Hans-Christian Schmid), Competition.
26. Childish Games (Antonio Chavarrías), Competition.


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So, was Panorama weak or just not interesting this year? Hardly any good buzz on anything… or am I missing the talk?
Thanks, this ranking is very helpful. “Just above the middle line” seems to be what many critics thought of this year’s winner “Cesar Must Die”. The concept is certainly nothing new, and there have been various films that equally mixed up staged play and “real life” in recent years such as the Czech film “The Karamazovs” or the German film “Boundaries” (which was also made in black and white). Among those I’m most looking forward to are others, and certainly the three films you categorized as outstanding.
Karsten, I relied a lot on “the buzz of others” this year, too, and just didn’t hear much to draw me over to the Panorama program, though I certainly have nothing against it per se. Glad I caught the Marina Abramovic doc; not sorry to have spent a slot on Iron Sky since the crowd was more fun than the film. Otherwise, again, I just didn’t see or hear that much to draw me over, sorry to say.
From Panorama films I found Tony Gatlif ’s Indignados quite remarkable, abound with poignant images that in direct manner question the notion of Europe as “the first world” society in which humanistic concept is embedded. Simultaneously, the way these images compose the loosely structured narrative and inform what it tries to convey is very interesting.

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