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Berlinale 2012. Shorts Lineup

Béla Tarr will present a special screening of an omnibus film addressing current events in Hungary.
The DailyBéla Tarr

"27 films from 22 countries will be competing for the Golden Bear and Silver Bear Jury Prize, the DAAD Short Film Award and a short film nomination for the European Film Prize," the Berlinale's announced today. The International Jury will be comprised of German actress Sandra Hüller, Palestinian artist Emily Jacir and Irish-American filmmaker David O'Reilly. We'll get to the lineup in a moment, but first, this:

"Due to the political events in Hungary, the Berlinale Shorts is presenting a special screening on February 18, 2012 at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele: Magyarország 2011 (Hungary 2011) – an omnibus film, which reflects also in its aesthetics, the radical political and social developments in this crisis-ridden country. The directors of the work are Ágnes Kocsis, Márta Mészáros, Bence Fliegauf, Miklós Jancsó, and others [András Jeles, Ferenc Török, Simon Szabó, Péter Forgács, László Siroki, György Pálfi and András Salamon]. Following the screening, Béla Tarr will conduct a discussion on the current situation in Hungary."

On to the main program, with a few descriptions from the festival:

Ad balloon, Lee Woo-jung, Republic of Korea, 24’ (International Premiere). "Memories of those who were different than everyone else at school is the point of departure."
An das Morgengrauen, Mariola Brillowska, Germany, 3’ (World Premiere).
Ein Mädchen Namens Yssabeau, Rosana Cuellar, Germany / Mexico, 18’ (German Premiere).
Enakkum Oru Per, Suba Sivakumaran, USA / Sri Lanka, 12’ (WP).
Erotic Fragments No. 1, 2, 3, Anucha Boonyawatana, Thailand, 7’ (IP).
Gurehto Rabitto, Atsushi Wada, France, 7’ (WP).
impossible exchange, Mahmoud Hojeij, Lebanon, 10’ (WP).
Karrabing! Low Tide Turning, Liza Johnson, Elizabeth A Povinelli, Australia, 14’ (WP).
La Santa, Mauricio López Fernández, Chile, 14’ (WP).
LI.LI.TA.AL., Akihito Izuhara, Japan, 8’ (WP).
Licuri Surf, Guile Martins, Brazil, 15’ (IP).
Loxoro, Claudia Llosa, Spain / Peru / Argentina / USA, 19’ (IP). "Accompanies the search of a mother for her daughter into the milieu of transsexuals in Peru – Loxoro is their language, their longing to find a place for themselves."
Mah-Chui, Kim Souk-young, Republic of Korea, 23’ (IP). "Tells a universal story about hierarchical pressures and the need to reinforce one’s moral stance through one’s actions."
Nostalgia, Gustavo Rondón Córdova, Venezuela, 30’ (WP).
Panchabhuta, Mohan Kumar Valasala, India, 16’ (WP).
PUSONG WAZAK! Isa Na Namang Kwento Ng Pag-ibig Sa Pagitan Ng Isang Kriminal at Isang Puta, Khavn De La Cruz, Philippines, 15’ (WP). "Explores in fleeting images the likelihood of dying too early from the violence so omnipresent in the Philippines today."
Rafa, João Salaviza, Portugal / France, 25’ (WP).
Say Goodbye to the Story (ATT 1/11), Christoph Schlingensief, Germany, 23’ (WP). "Schlingensief has his cast repeat a scene in the shower so often, and without breaks, until they are completely exhausted. Domination and desperation — a dance: explosive and ecstatic."
Shi Luo Zhi Di, Zhou Yan, People’s Republic of China, 25’ (WP).
Strauß.ok, Jeanne Faust, Germany, 5’ (WP).
The End, Barcelo, France, 17’ (WP).
The Man that Got Away, Trevor Anderson, Canada, 25’ (WP).
Utsikter, Marcus Harrling, Moa Geistrand, Sweden, 12’ (WP).
Uzushio, Naoto Kawamoto, Japan, 6’ (WP).
Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garçon, Justine Triet, France, 30’ (IP).
Yi chang ge ming zhong hai wei lai de ji ding yi de xing wei, Sun Xun, People’s Republic of China, 12’ (WP).
zounk!, Billy Roisz, Austria, 6’ (WP).

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