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Celebrate Peace Day. Watch "Budrus" for Free

_Budrus_ tells the dramatic and inspirational story of a village's nonviolent protest, one chapter in a decades-old conflict.
David Hudson

Conversations this International Day of Peace will this year undoubtedly be focused on Palestinians' bid for UN membership, the latest development in the decades-old Israel-Palestine conflict. Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha has spent years in the Middle East and, as she notes at the top of her recent TED Talk, one of the most common questions she's asked is, "Where are the Palestinian Ghandis?"

Fact of the matter is, they exist, and they're hard at work, trying to bring about nonviolent solutions, one confrontation at a time. In 2003, the Palestinian village of Budrus mounted a 10-month-long nonviolent protest to stop a barrier being built across their olive groves — successfully — and Bacha was there to document the saga in full as it unfolded in her film, Budrus.

Budrus is an inspiration, and for 24 hours, MUBI is teaming up with Just Vision, Typecast and Antidote Films to present the doc for free in the US, Australia and New Zealand. And, wherever you are in the world, join us on Twitter for a live Q&A with Julia Bacha at 7pm EST.


Julia Bacha
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