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Coming soon to DVD

Courtesy of the Criterion Collection

Of the many excellent releases coming soon from the Criterion Collection, I’m particularly excited about these upcoming special editions. Allen Baron’s rugged, spare post-noir Blast of Silence (1961) is a tiny, roughly hewn film that bleeds despair from every seedy minute of its terse runtime. To contrast the loneliness and sorrow of that films, one can take a dose of a new boxset on the Eclipse label, Silent Ozu: Three Family Comedies, which include Tokyo Chorus (1931), I Was Born But… (1932), which is one of my all time favorite films, and Passing Fancy (1933). I welcome the chance to finally see more from Ozu’s earlier period, which can be quite different from his more well-known 1940s and 1950s work, but just as good.

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