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Corneliu Porumboiu Discusses a Scene from "Police, Adjective"

For the first time, Cristi’s wife, Anca is introduced in this scene. In a first draft of the script this scene was one that characterized the routine of a couple. Anca obsessively listens to this song which is repeated three times. I was then interested in a certain way of relating yourself to this song/artistic piece of work. Usually, the repetition gives a rhythm to an artistic piece of work in order to reach a certain type of accumulation in order to make a conclusion. We find repetition also in Cristi’s chases; during the movie we see him chasing/waiting/chasing. I was interested in the idea of deconstructing by repeating, which is why I’ve tried to use it until you are not ‘feeling’ the rhythm anymore or, as I’ve noticed from some viewers, it becomes intolerable. There is also a discussion about the meaning of the lyrics where I announce the theme of the picture. It’s the first moment when the meaning of the words are discussed and the way these can be used.

The scene takes place in the middle of the movie. The main character, Cristi, is returning home after work. Up until here, we’ve seen a day in the life of this police officer who follows a group of kids who were smoking pot. Cristi doesn’t want to arrest a high school teenager who offers pot to some colleagues. In a couple of years he thinks the law will change, and he didn’t want to have ruined the life of a young man, on his conscience

One of the funniest scenes I’ve seen although it takes a while to get into it. The man’s responses are hilarious, I like the releationship between although it stopped being believable at moments.

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