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Daily Briefing. "Do the roots of the Arab spring lie in cinema?"

Also: Six independent filmmakers arrested in Iran. Pordenone lineup. Dave Kehr. And more.

"Do the roots of the Arab spring lie in cinema?" asks Sukhdev Sandhu in the Guardian. "The question seems absurd: surely kleptocratic dictatorship, youth unemployment and grain prices all played a more important part. Iranian film scholar Hamid Dabashi disagrees: 'If you want to understand the emotive universe from which the Arab spring arose, cinema is a good place to start.' … Dabashi will be speaking this month at Winds of Change, a series of talks and screenings at the ICA in London showcasing films from across the Muslim world; it hopes to explore the rich, sometimes fraught relationship between religion and civic society." Tomorrow though October 13.

Iranian authorities have arrested six independent filmmakers, accusing them of working covertly with the BBC "and supplying it with content, including films, that depict the country in a negative way," reports Rick Gladstone in the New York Times. In its own report, the BBC insists "no-one works for the Persian service inside the country — either formally or informally. The arrests came a day after the service showed a documentary on Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei." IndieWIRE's Nigel M Smith believes that doc is Ruling Iran, and he posts the first two parts.

Luke McKernan has the lineup for this year's Pordenone silent film festival (Gionate del Cinema Muto, running October 1 through 8).

In the Voice, Nick Pinkerton talks with Dave Kehr about When Movies Mattered.

The team behind Slant and the House Next Door present their first video podcast in which they preview the New York Film Festival and talk with David Phelps about the late Raúl Ruiz.

Looking forward to tomorrow's premiere of David Lynch's trailer for the Viennale.

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OK, I’ll say it. The Daily Briefing is pretty darn handy. I’ve covered three days without having to dig into Twitter archives. Cheers, David!
Many thanks, JAFB. I’m just now beginning to get a feel for how this thing works, too!
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