Daily Briefing. RS 30 + PM's 100 + the 70s

A new _Reverse Shot_ symposium, a _PopMatters_ guide to the essentials and a handful of reads on the New Hollywood of the 70s.
David Hudson

For Reverse Shot's 30th symposium (congrats!), contributors "consider at length the movie that they believe to be the worst in a single filmmaker's career." So far: Jeff Reichert on Woody Allen's Anything Else (2003), Leah Churner on Otto Preminger's Skidoo (1968) and Leo Goldsmith on Ingmar Bergman's The Touch (1971) … PopMatters wraps its "100 Essential Directors" series … Kristin Thompson on DW Griffith's devices … Max Goldberg previews The Outsiders: New Hollywood Cinema in the Seventies, running at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley through October 27; related reads: Andy McCarthy on Larry Cohen's The Private Files of J Edgar Hoover (1977), Sam Wasson (Paul on Mazursky) on three Mazurskys and Peter Tonguette (The Films of James Bridges) on The China Syndrome (1979).

Image: Elliott Gould and Ingmar Bergman on the set of The Touch. For news and tips throughout the day every day, follow @thedailyMUBI on Twitter and/or the RSS feed.


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