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Daily Viewing. James Bond @ 50

From _Dr. No_ (1962) to _Quantum of Solace_ (2008).
David Hudson
The Daily

Yes, it's an ad, but you know, particularly around the time that one year turns into another, we're deluged with home-cut compilations and other video essays and, for all the admirable enthusiasm and dedication that goes into so many of those, it does the eyes good now and then to see a well-edited montage. As FirstShowing's Alex Billington notes, this is a promo for the upcoming release of Bond 50, a 23-disc Blu-ray box set pulling together all 22 Bond films, from Dr. No (1962) to Quantum of Solace (2010), plus 130 hours of bonus stuff.

There's likely to be a lot of "Bond @ 50" material from now until late October, when Skyfall premieres, and I'll be collecting what's notable here. For now, let me recommend Walt Opie's James Bond primer at GreenCine and 2008's "Ian Fleming @ 100" roundup at GreenCine Daily.

Update, 1/15: Kimberly Lindbergs launches a "new monthly feature at the Movie Morlocks called 'Spy Games.' Every month I plan on focusing some of my attention on a particular espionage thriller or the spy genre in general. I'll also be spending more time discussing aspects of the Bond films throughout the year. To get things started I thought I'd take a look ahead at some of the James Bond 50th anniversary events that are already in the works for 2012."

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