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Daily Viewing. Long Trailer for Ridley Scott's "Prometheus"

Not everyone's convinced that this'll be "the cinematic event of the year."
The Daily

"Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus made the biggest impression on the geek faithful Saturday at WonderCon," reports Jen Yamato at Movieline. Once they presented this new trailer, "Scott, co-writer Damon Lindelof, and stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender answered a handful of Twitter questions before making their way backstage, where the group… fueled even more Prometheus speculation." Yamato then lays out "the nine most provocative, intriguing, maybe-spoilery and potentially revealing clues" as to what we can expect from what Seth Abramovitch at the Atlantic Wire predicts just might be "the cinematic event of the year."

But for Tom Shone, that's just crazy talk. The new trailer "looks sleek, stylish, and monumentally confused. The ship which humans discovered for the first time in Alien (1979) — containing the alien's previous victim — turns out to have been discovered a long time ago by a whole other bunch of humans? With even more advanced technology even though they predate the events of the first film?" What's more, "the company were in on it from the beginning, exploring the ship and planting eggs and God knows what else. The premise actually undoes the thrills of the first movie. There's nothing alien about it — it has human fingerprints all over it already. A terrible idea."

Well, we'll see, of course, when Prometheus begins rolling out at the end of May before opening in the US on June 8. At the Playlist, Oliver Lyttelton posts an IMAX trailer (1'11"), "accompanied by the now obligatory Inception fart trombone soundtrack," and "a new viral video focusing on Michael Fassbender's android character, David."

That one follows another released at the end of February featuring Peter Weyland's (Guy Pearce) TED Talk, delivered in 2023:

Update: At the Playlist, Edward Davis has yet another trailer, a version for the UK that varies only a tad from the one at the top there, plus a few notes on the evolution of the project as a whole as well as prospects for a sequel.

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I’m not sure I understand Tom Shore’s reservations. “… the company were in on it from the beginning, exploring the ship and planting eggs and God knows what else.” Planting eggs? Where’d that happen in the trailer? Also, let’s not forget that Weyland-Yutani was certainly “in on it” in Alien (remember Ian Holm’s character?). They had to learn about it at some point.

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