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Daily Viewing. Trailer for Sogo Ishii's "Ikiteru Mono Wa Inai No Ka"

Based on the absurdist play by Shiro Maeda.
The Daily

Just last week, David Cairns revisited Sogo Ishii's The Crazy Family (1984), and now, via Wildgrounds, comes news of his latest film, slated for release in Japan on February 18. Ikiteru Mono Wa Inai No Ka "can be translated as 'Are any of you alive?' or 'Are there any survivors?'" and "the subtle difference seems to really matter. It's an adaptation of an absurdist play of the same name by Shiro Maeda."

Profiling Shiro Maeda in 2008, the Japan Foundation noted that he'd won the Kishida Drama Award for the play, which they translate as "No One Alive Here?": "This is a lyrical and humorous piece depicting death that grew out of a workshop involving the 17 actors who were selected from auditions, and for reasons never explained, all the characters die. It has been acclaimed as strict yet fresh theater of the absurd."

Ishii, "who recently changed his name to Gakuryu Ishii as a mark of a new beginning, and spent the last years teaching at the Kobe Design University" (Wildgrounds), is now hoping to make an experimental sci-fi film in 3D.

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I really like this film a lot and had not seen or heard of it before!

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