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Echoes #7

Two mysterious bird attacks: one by Jean Epstein in 1927 and one by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963.
From Jean Epstein's La glace à trois faces (The Three-Sided Mirror, 1927), featuring René Ferté; cinematography by Marcel Eywinger:
From Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (1963), featuring Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor; cinematography by Robert Burks:
Part of our on-going series, Echoes. 
Hitchcock seems to have had an extraordinary visual memory as far as the silent cinema was concerned. You could also compare the hunting sequence in ‘Marnie’ to the one in ‘Student of Prague’ (1926)
I don’t recall that sequence, John, I’ll have to revisit! I’d certainly imagine a filmmaker with such precise images in his head of how he wants his films to be would also be a film-goer who retains similarly precise images!
Great comparison. I’ve never seen the Epstein film. Always loved that image of Tippi’s bloody-fingertip glove. It seems so Hitchcockian to me.
Thanks Danny! More grist for my I-hate-Hitchcock mill!!!
Ah, no reasons for that, Daniel!
I’m curious as to whether or no that this was a conscious decision on Hitchcocks part. This could be just a coincidence because they just so happen to be similar establishing shots that could have no connection to the Epstein. Their connection could just be through the cinematic language, but also, I could be wrong.
My point was the aesthetic connection and use of form to express an action/idea, I’m not particularly interested in whether it’s an homage.
Maybe not homage or use of form, but a “collective cinematic unconscious”.

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