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Epilogue '08: HarryTuttle, R3

I don't know how companies like Netflix can or will make money with such bargain rates, while celluloid exhibitors complain when they charge the same price for only one movie and make even more profits at the concession stand.

It's ironic too to see Hulu, which offers tons of copyrighted material for free (only open to American residents though), can afford a 1 minute commercial at the Super Bowl Ad fest, the most expensive slot on American TV. Something doesn't sound right there...

And I already mentioned in my first post how certain multiplex chains in France give free access to movie goers for a monthly membership.

The consumption habits are changing. Viewers will bail out of a film before the end more often without the guilt to waste the admission price. They will disrespect the integrity of a whole film, watched in its continuity at the pace the auteur intended, which is something David Lynch disliked when DVD chapters appeared.

On the other hand this wealth of film culture available instantly makes film studies much easier and more powerful, for professional video-essays like yours, or for the repeat viewings and mash-ups by regular audience.

All in all, this is a much smarter economic model both for the practical use of viewers and for the retribution of copyrights. Just like when I listen to a song playing on a radio station, I don't pay for it, the broadcaster does. Or when I watch a movie on a TV channel for free, the broadcaster pays the copyrights. These corporations make the profits out of this content sharing so we naturally expect auteurs to go claim their dues to the money makers.

The YouTube model is slightly different, but Google makes Ad money off of illegal uploads, they should just legalize it by sharing their profits with copyright holders of the biggest bandwidth hits. It makes no sense to criminalize users who get only hundreds of views worldwide...

As for the best of the decade, if there could be only one, the obvious choice would be Mulholland Dr. but West of Tracks (TieXi District), which Edwin and I talked about before, could be there too.

Have fun at the Berlinale!

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