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!f ² — Istanbul Live!

We're partnering with the !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival to present five films from this year's lineup in 27 cities.

We're partnering with the !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival (site), opening today and running through February 26, on !f ², an alternative film distribution presenting five films from this year's lineup in 27 cities simultaneously on the last three days of the festival. What's more, Q&A sessions with each of the directors, will be broadcast live following the screenings. These are interactive events: Audiences in various cities throughout the world will be able to engage directly with the filmmakers on stage in Istanbul.

Viewers in Turkey will also be able to watch the films online. Here's the schedule:

Friday, February 24, 19:30:

Marshall Curry's If a Tree Falls: A Story of The Earth Liberation Front, which Salon's Andrew O'Hehir calls "a remarkably evenhanded story about an eager young activist who was drawn down a slippery slope toward property destruction and violence, and who wound up as a baffled defendant in a widely publicized federal terrorism case."

Saturday, February 25, 12:00:

Azazel Jacobs's Terri, which "examines the freakery and geekery of puberty… with the serene, compassionate excruciation that's become Jacobs's distinctive timbre." (Fernando F Croce)

Saturday, February 25, 15:00:

Ayten Amin, Tamer Ezzat and Amr Salama's Tahrir 2011: The Good, The Bad and The Politician, a documentary in three parts, which the Toronto International Film Festival calls "a laudable attempt to steer away from reportage and reflect on what historians will index as the first chapter of the uprising. Structured in three chapters, the film playfully debunks misconceptions and stereotypes."

Sunday, February 26, 15:30:

Kyzza Terrazas's Machete Language, which Twitch's Todd Brown calls "a gritty story of a pair of counter culture activists finding themselves caught between youth and adulthood as they hit their 30s."

Sunday, February 26, 17:45:

Haco Cheko's No(w)here, "a compassionate tale of those who are 'not able to return' to the place they once called 'home' that uses compelling interaction between poetic, observational documentary aesthetics and intimately captured re-enactments." (!f)

!f ² partners:

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