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Goodbye, David

We say goodbye to The Daily editor, David Hudson.

David Hudson joined MUBI’s Notebook in July of 2009 and immediately redefined our project with the publication, providing an invaluable service of news finding and curating to present to online cinephiles the most essential and interesting stories of each day.

Despite the section’s name and its up-to-the-minute reporting, the present wasn’t the Daily’s only concern; continuing his work for GreenCine Daily and The Daily at IFC, David strove to build an Internet archive of contemporary film commentary, time capsules of what people were talking about in the cinema world at a precise moment in time. These frozen moments also became stories, as from this archive what often emerged were small narratives as David tracked the commentary that emerged on a single film throughout its varied journey through the world. Discovery, too, is a core element of David’s work, where he serves not just as reporter, curator, archivist and storyteller, but also as an advocate for finding new voices and approaches to looking at the movies. I certainly remember the first time he linked to something I wrote, back at GreenCine, and how that changed the course of my criticism.

I am sad to say that after over two and a half years of contributions to MUBI, our Notebook and our community, David is moving elsewhere. But his project lives on, and I am thankful not just for all that he has done here but all he has done before and what he will do in the future. Thank you for everything David, and best of luck!

Well, I enjoyed his work here. Best wishes to him and to the Notebook.
Truly the end of an era. We’ll miss you, David!
Strongly seconded. Thanks to David for his continuing project, and to Daniel for his warm appreciation here.
Thanks David for everything and all the best!!
Danny, I have to return the thanks right back to you. You’ll remember that long, long before I was finally able to come on board that summer of 2009, I’d been aiming to become part of Notebook. You’d created one of the most important publications on cinema, online or off, and, under your editorship, I know it’s going to remain as vital as ever. I’m going to miss our daily (sometimes hourly) email flurries in which, sometimes with just a few quick words in each back-and-forth, we knew we were seeing eye-to-eye on this or that issue and hit on a decision together within minutes. I can’t help but think that, even though it’ll be in some considerably different form, that work together will carry on. Media’s become so fluid, the skins between titles so porous, while our collective project of exploration and discovery on what Dave Kehr calls this “lost continent of cinephilia” only grows more challenging and rewarding.
Thanks for all the genuinely great work at The Notebook and the Twitter feed, David. They were just priceless. And not to mention the immensely handy Daily Briefing entries as well as your tireless festival report coverage that made life much much simpler for the lazier ones among us. Simply, a Herculean task. Thanks again, David. I’m going to sorely miss you here. Here’s wishing the very best for your new direction. Cheers!
Thank you for these years, David. All the best.
You will be missed David.
I will not click the “Like” button. It would be inappropriate. Thank you David, adding Fandor to my bookmarks now (:
Thanks for the great service! Stick around here for the occasional conversation.
I feel like over the last several years I have said good-bye and good luck to David Hudson at least five times. He’s like the Larry Brown of bloggers.
Thank you David. Best of luck at the new gig. I hope Mubi can keep the flame burning as bright on these Notebook posts.
thanks Dave!
Are you going to get someone new to do the round-ups of reviews out of Cannes? Cuz that’s one of the best things you guys had going, and I loved it last year.
Thanks Stephen — no plans yet but I’ll be covering the festival as usual here.
Best to you, David, and thank you for the all illuminating, helpful, and plain good work!

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