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Illustrating Lust and Murder: The Cover Art of Georges Simenon's "The Blue Room"

Celebrating the art of Georges Simenon's 1964 novel, recently adapted into a movie directed by and starring Mathieu Amalric.
MUBI is exclusively showing Mathieu Amalric's The Blue Room (2014) in the United Kingdom from September 25 - October 24, 2016. 
How do you condense a book into a single image? How do you transfer a story to the screen? French actor-director-writer Mathieu Amalric embarked on the latter, with a luscious celluloid adaptation of The Blue Room, Georges Simenon's tale of an affair gone wrong.  The distillation of one form to another is no easy feat, so here we celebrate the cover art for Simenon's novel over the years since it's publication in 1964.
Above: The 1965 edition of The Blue Room cover art by Youngman Caerter, published by Hamish Hamilton.
Above: 1978 edition of The Blue Room, cover art by John Alcorn, published by Harvest/HBJ.
Above: The 1968 edition of The Blue Room, cover art by Wendy Coates-Smith, published by Penguin Books.
Above: The 2015 edition of The Blue Room, cover photograph by Edouard Boubat, published by Penguin Classics.

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