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Image of the day. A Dziga Vertov Film Imagined in Blue-green Ink and Pink Crayon

V 153
Tebe, front! Konstruktion Nr. 3
D 1942 F 245 x 184 M Hand-signed autograph in blue-green ink and pink crayon on transparent paper U 1 sheet

One of three diagrams colourfully drawn by Vertov for his wartime film Tebe, front!.  This treatment emphasises the special significance of the image-sound relationship. The image is placed in the left column and the sound in theright one.


Text and images generously provided by the Austrian Film Museum from Dziga Vertov: The Vertov Collection at the Austrian Film Museum; Vienna: FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 4, 2006; edited by the Austrian Film Museum, Thomas Tode and Barbara Wurm.

The book is available for purchase for European readers here and for American readers here.  More resources on Dziga Vertov from the Austrian Film Museum can be found at their Online Vertov Collection resource, here.


From April 15 - June 4, 2011 New York's Museum of Modern Art is showing a large retrospective on the work of Dziga Vertov.

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