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The greatest actor there ever was (well, except maybe for Jimmy Stewart).
Cunningham captured a troubled Grant. Not the smooth, super-assured star we know and love. Maybe Hitchcock saw this photo before he cast Grant in his films.
Yes, the greatest actor there ever was.
A greater actor there never was (yes, I’m aware that’s a rewrite of the previous two comments).
This is a great shot – I agree with Howard, it captures a self doubt you don’t normally see in his onscreen characters.
Angelina nails it. We’ve seen a confused Cary, a sad Cary, a penitent Cary, even a depressed Cary- but we’ve never before seen a self-doubting Cary. I think this photo just turned my world upside down and I’m not sure I like that.
This is a fantastic shot, and the other commenters have described its qualities better than I would have.
A VERY gay little photo!
Très grand acteur belle photo :)

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