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Image of the day: Thugs with Ugly Mugs 1

Boris Karloff as Gruesome is out-gruesomed by Skelton Knaggs in Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947).
Looking at this image, seeing the year, and realizing I have never even heard of this movie, for some reason makes me realize the truly bizarre effect World War 2 had on American film production in the mid-to-late 1940s.
Astute observation, Daniel, which can readily be supported by Alexander Nemerov’s primary thesis in Icons of Grief: Val Lewton’s Home Front Pictures. Skelton Knaggs is such a fascinating character actor. One of the perks of hosting the Val Lewton blogathon was Larry Aydlette’s profile of Knaggs. Unfortunately, that link is now broken. I need to contact Larry to find where that information can be accessed.

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