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Images of the Day. Let me die in my footsteps: “J’accuse!”

From Abel Gance's J'accuse! (1919); cinematography by Marc Bujard, Léonce-Henri Burel, and Maurice Forester.

These are amazing. If ever a director was long overdue a retrospective in New York it is Abel Gance. Is Napoleon in some kind of legal limbo? That film should be being revived as often as Metropolis!
Yes, Francis Ford Coppola sends his lawyers on anyone who tries to show any of the recent (20+ years) restorations, which run 5 or 6 hours long–while his father only wrote music for 4 (which, claims Coppola, gives him rights over the film as a whole; nobody has the expense account to counter him). Kevin Brownlow has been sitting on a 6+ hour restoration (funded by the BFI) which may or may not get some showtime soon (and whether or not in the US is another question). MoMA has a 5 hour copy which they won’t even show in private screenings for scholars, so threatening is Coppola…
Actually, for a more precise discussion, check here:
So powerful and well developed scene….. it sends chills down my spine no……
simple and touching…thanks ehsan
well,it’s so dreadful
Encore! Encore!
It’s amazing that just several shots out of their original context can have such an impact, Waiting for more…
Motion Pictures Will Always Still Be My Favorite American Art Form Of All Time.

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