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Kelly Reichardt Discusses "River of Grass"

Listen to an exclusive interview with the American independent director discussing her recently restored debut.
Kelly Reichardt's newly restored feature debut, River of Grass (1994) is playing on MUBI worldwide from August 5 - September 4, 2016.
Kelly Reichardt's debut feature, River of Grass, sees two lost souls coming together after a crime that may not have happened. Yet, after embarking on a road trip, the pair ultimately find themselves moving nowhere in particular. Now an accomplished filmmaker, Reichardt still refuses to re-watch any of her movies. She does however recall the driving force behind her debut: Florida's landscape and the desire to flip the road movie genre on itself.
"It’s a genre film, it’s a road movie, and so it was sort of the idea that the road movie had played itself out—how could the genre be deconstructed?" she told Monocle 24's Ben Rylan in a special edition of The Cinema Show.
Presented in association with MUBI, The Cinema Show is a weekly exploration of film culture. Download the special edition of the show featuring Kelly Reichardt now via WeTransfer

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