Life-Edit: 1.0 Unicast

A series of essays on the upended notion of cinema in the streaming era, where past and present meet in the daily experiences of audiences.
Costanza Candeloro
"Life-Edit (A Companion to Streaming and Solitude)" is a text by Costanza Candeloro commissioned by Fondazione Prada. Focused on the individual and collective experience of streaming, this native content accompanies the film project "Perfect Failures" conceived by MUBI and Fondazione Prada and available on the online platform in select countries from April 5, 2020. Every week an illustrated chapter of the text will be published on Fondazione Prada’s website and on the Notebook.  
Above: Berlin State Library, Prussian Heritage Image Archive, before 1997. Courtesy Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Foto Stock, ph. Jandke
Constantly changing landscape: thoughts
Which are black fish, pale pearls,
Icy monsters or infinitely small
Corpuscles huddled in the seabed of being,
Seeds of designs, indistinct germs of dreams
Emerging from an unknown mental abyss,
That rise to the eye in short assumptions,
They come to animate the crystal screen.
(Georges Rodenbach, Le Voyage dans les yeux, 1896)
Unicast is by definition a one-to-one transmission, the least advanced format of information transmission, yet it is the only one where what is sent is addressed solely to one receiver. As poetry becomes as diverse as the reader’s mind, Le Voyage dans les yeux forecasts the direct human feeling that a vast uploaded infrastructure populated by nodes and compressed movie titles still holds: solitary comfort.
A truly special adjustment to solitude since it is not meant as a cure but as companionship.
Top: Microfilm reader, Niamh Archives, Ireland. Courtesy Rachel McLaughlin /donegalwoman Above: Diagram with microfilm of plots and tape cartridge from Boston Logan International Airport environmental impact study, Massachusetts. Courtesy Library Book Collection / Alamy Foto Stock


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