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Locarno 2013. MUBI Coverage Roundup

An index of all our coverage of the 66th Locarno Film Festival.

Below you will find an index for all of our 66th Locarno Film Festival coverage by Adam Cook, Marie-Pierre Duhamel, and Celluloid Liberation Front.


What Now? Remind Me by Joaquim Pinto (x two)

When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism by Corneliu Poromboiu

Short Term 12 by Destin Cretton

Manakamana by Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez

Une autre vie by Emmanuel Mouret

Les grandes ondes (à l'ouest) by Lionel Baier

A Masque of Madness (Notes on Film 06-B, Monologue 02) by Norbert Pfaffenbilcher

On Death Row II by Werner Herzog

It Should Happen to You by George Cukor


Abel Ferrara

Ben Rivers & Ben Russell

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