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Matthew Flanagan and Edwin Mak have launched a new journal by the name of Lumen, "as it appeals by metaphor to the notion of discovery, or inspiration: a gesture of clarity in turning toward illumination, just as physicists measure units of luminous flux by the same name… This debut collection of essays, visuals and sounds is assigned to the Forest; and is explored by our contributors, without the intention of being exhaustive, in a proximate thematical relation to cinema."

The editors promise that issues will appear only sporadically, so take your time with this one. Lav Diaz and Daïchi Saïto are interviewed, work by Phillipe Grandrieux, Werner Herzog and Raya Martin is considered, Apichatpong Weerasethakul is a contributor. For starters.

Super exciting! Can’t wait to plunge in.
The item “Forest Notes: Trees as Wind instruments in Bresson’s Mouchette” is stunning! Excellent!
Beautiful layout! Like Danny, can’t wait to enjoy this!!

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