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Migrating Forms 2009

As the ice of winter gradually cracks and melts into Spring—or, in the case of New York City, that day someone flips a switch and bitter cold transforms into intolerable heat—we can count our blessings that we have two exciting film festivals ever-nearing.  With the New York Asian Film Festival just starting to announce their line-up, our attention turns to an even more adventurous and adventuresome institution, the previously-known-as New York Underground Film Festival, now re-christened more poetically as Migrating Forms, which presents a yearly showcase of new experimental film and video from around the world.
Running April 15-19 at the Anthology Film Archives, the festival is kind enough to offer our readership one all access pass to the third person to sends an email to (the super-secret pass-key subject line is, of course, The Auteurs).
Check out the complete program at
And, as a special treat, here's the festival's fantastic trailer, commissioned from Michael Robinson:

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