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Movie Poster of the Week: "Despair"

Anyone who follows me on Twitter might guess from my icon that I’m a bit of a Dirk Bogarde fan. I featured him in The Servant last year but until last week I had never seen this amazing poster for Fassbinder’s 1978 Despair, one of the many films that Bogarde made outside the UK (the greatest of course being Visconti’s Death in Venice). The Despair poster, with its sunburst of striped light and surreal collage, reminds me of the posters of the great Japanese artist Tadanori Yokoo, but is in fact by a German designer named Uwe Wandrey. It would go very nicely on my wall in a fedora diptych with another of my all-time favorite posters: Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch.

Wow. I really really want to own one of those.

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