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Movie Poster of the Week: "Oh, That Nastya!"

Czech movie poster design often takes a back seat to the amazing Poles, and its golden age (the 1960s and early 70s) was a lot shorter, but in some ways I prefer it. Whereas Polish movie posters are often head-scratchingly surreal and mostly hand-painted, the Czech school relied a lot more on photomontage and typography. The results are often charming and kooky, never more so than in this superb mish-mash of media for the 1972 Soviet gymnastic comedy Oh, That Nastya! (a film more famous in Russia today, I have it on good authority, for its theme song).

UPDATE: The opening credits of the film (with Nastya doing some kind of Banksy job on her mother’s kitchen) can be seen and the theme song can be heard here.

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To whet your appetite here are a couple more highlights. Many thanks to Stanley Oh and Sam Sarowitz.

That SOLARIS poster rools, Adrian: thanks!
Russian gymnastics comedies are the best.
That is a brilliant “Solaris” poster… do you know where I could buy a print of it? :)

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