Music of the day. Takemitsu Toru x Gustav Mahler: "End Credits" from Kurosawa's "Ran"

Takemitsu Toru's "End Credits" from his soundtrack to Akira Kurosawa's Ran (1985):


Gustav Mahler's "Der Abschied" (The Farewell) from Das Lied von der Erde [The Song of the Earth] (1908-1909):



In honor of the exciting two-week run at New York's Film Forum of the soundtrack music series TAKEMITSU.  Ran plays December 12-13, but be sure to catch such rarities as Kobayashi's Youth of Japan (1968), Susumu Hani's Bad Boys (1961), and Hani's She and He (1963).


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  • Jacob

    First clip is apatow talking about woody allen.

  • Jacob


  • dschmee

    That happened to me too. The first time I clicked on the first link it was Mark Maron and Judd Apatow talking about Woody. The second time I clicked on the link it was the music.

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