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New York Film Festival: Top Films and Coverage Roundup

A listing of our coverage of the 2020 New York Film Festival, including favorite films.
Time (dir. Garrett Bradley)
1. Time (Garrett Bradley)
2. Days (Tsai Ming-liang)
3. Gunda (Viktor Kossakovsky)
4. The Woman Who Ran (Hong Sang-Soo)
5. The Disciple (Chaitanya Tamhane)
6. The Salt of Tears (Philippe Garrel)
7. Red, White and Blue (Steve McQueen)
8. The Calming (Song Fang)
9. Night of Kings (Philippe Lacôte)
10. Malmkrog (Cristi Puiu)
1. Figure Minus Fact (Mary Helena Clark)
2. Her Socialist Smile (John Gianvito)
3. UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS (Vika Kirchenbauer)
4. Labor of Love (Sylvia Schedelbauer)
5. Beginning (Dea Kulumbegashvili)
6. The Disciple (Chaitanya Tamhane)
7. Red, White and Blue (Steve McQueen)
8. Isabella (Matías Piñeiro)
9. The Calming (Song Fang)
10. Humongous! (Aya Kawazoe)
1. Figure Minus Fact (Mary Helena Clark)
2. Lovers Rock (Steve McQueen)
3. Her Socialist Smile (John Gianvito)
4. The Inheritance (Ephraim Asili)
5. Apiyemiyeki? (Ana Vaz)
6. The Human Voice (Pedro Almodóvar)
7. Time (Garrett Bradley)
8. Isabella (Matías Piñeiro)
9. The Last City (Heinz Emigholz)
10. Trust Study #1 (Shobun Baile)
#1 Daniel Kasman introduces the 2020 festival and reviews Lovers Rock (Steve McQueen) | Read
#2 Doug Dibbern reviews The Monopoly of Violence (David Dufresne) and MLK/FBI (Sam Pollard) | Read
#3 Daniel Kasman reviews MLK/FBI (Sam Pollard), The Calming (Song Fang), and Beginning (Dea Kulumbegashvili) | Read
#4 Doug Dibbern reviews Gunda (Viktor Kossakovsky) and Days (Tsai Ming-liang) | Read
#5 Daniel Kasman reviews The Human Voice (Pedro Almodóvar), On The Rocks (Sofia Coppola), and Mangrove (Steve McQueen) | Read
#6 Doug Dibbern reviews French Exit (Azazel Jacobs) and Red, White and Blue (Steve McQueen) | Read
An Eventful Year: Short film highlights from the Currents section
by Michael Sicinski
Alternating Currents: The first of two discussions of the feature films in Currents section
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Gently Download the Stream: The second discussion of the feature films in the Currents section
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