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Nobel Prize in Literature: Mario Vargas Llosa

The Swedish Academy has announced that this year's Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Mario Vargas Llosa. A quick flip to the IMDb reveals that, for all his contributions to the Latin American Boom of the 60s and 70s as well as his political engagement (he ran for the Peruvian presidency in 1990), he's no stranger to cinema, either. He co-directed a film in 1975, Pantaleón y las visitadoras, one of seven adaptations of his novels, the most well-known of which would be La ciudad y los perros (literally, The City and the Dogs, but better known as The Time of the Hero) and La tía Julia y el escribidorAunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, adapted by Vargas Llosa and William Boyd and directed in 1990 by Jon Amiel. For further exploration of Vargas Llosa's work, begin at the Complete Review.

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