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Notebook Cannes Notebook #2

The second of an aborted Festival de Cannes project of handing out sheets of paper to attendees and asking for immediate reactions to films.

Our last of this sadly still-born Cannes coverage project. For more information see Notebook Cannes Notebook #1.

Here is the page given to me by Christoph Huber, critic for Die Presse and Cinema Scope, as well as writing here on the Notebook with his brothers and sisters of The Ferroni Brigade. No transcription seems possible, the cryptography is up to you!

Your notebook project is in line with the rest of the Cannes experience: you can count on the Austrians! C
This is how all film criticism should look like.
why is this so awesome?
“In the end I just wanted to scream from the Palais balcony & commit Harakiri like Mishima”. Fantastic.
Did I read that right gangs of wasseypur – Bollywood + Rambo
Fun stuff! My suggestion is to make it “newsworthy” by contacting writers from some of the “top” film industry publications (print/online) to interview you and run this story with the images. If the article is published a few months before the festival, people will have picked up the buzz, know who you are, what you are up to, and you may receive more returns next year. Just an idea, my humble suggestion. It would make a good story because it’s unique! ~Val Oliver, Creative Director, Media Classics, U.K./U.S.,

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