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NYFF08: Gathering the world's films

Night and Day
Above: South Korean director Hong Sang-soo's masterful, mournful sex comedy, Night and Day, reviewed from Berlin.
Many films in the 2008 New York Film Festival have been covered on the Notebook in one form or another, and I thought I'd provide some handy links as a refresher before we start new coverage this week:
24 City (Jia, China) 4 Nights with Anna (Skolimowski, Poland) Ashes of Time Redux (Wong, Hong Kong) The Headless Woman (Martel, Argentina) Night and Day(Hong, South Korea) Tokyo Sonata (Kurosawa, Japan) Tony Manero (Larrain, Chile/Brazil) RR(Benning, USA) Waltz with Bashir (Folman, Israel) Wendy and Lucy (Reichardt, USA)

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