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Oktoberfest is over, let's have an International Film School Fest

MUBI gives you a look into this years selection of the 33rd Munich International Festival of Filmschools worldwide and for free. Prost!

MUBI is proud to partner with the 33rd Munich International Festival of Film Schools, presenting films of the official selection online, for free, and only on MUBI. You don't have to come to Munich to see some of the freshest film school productions from around the world—we bring them to your screen!

The Munich International Festival of Film Schools has been presenting work by film students since 1981, bringing together young filmmakers from all over the world to share their films and experiences with each other.

Get a taste of the latest film school triumphs at the same time that they are screened in Munich.  It's free for a whole week through November 23rd, right here at MUBI. Prost!


(Some territory exclusions may apply.)


Help us to select a film from the festival to officially feature on MUBI! Vote for your favorite film or films by clicking the “Become a Fan” button. The film with the most votes by the end of the festival will get a one year online distribution at MUBI!

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