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Oldenburg 2011. Watch 6 Films for Free

MUBI and Oldenburg present an ethical drama, an adaptation, an allegory, a rumination, a horror thriller and a comedy.

We've teamed up with the Oldenburg Film Festival, opening in Germany today, to present six films from the lineup of their 18th edition, an intriguing mix of great premieres, surprising discoveries and original independent productions. From now through Sunday, watch for free, anywhere in the world: Robbie Bryan's Choose, in which a young pregnant woman faces an ethical dilemma; Joan Chemia's Dr Nazi, an adaptation of a novel by Charles Bukowski; Babak Anvari's allegorical Two & Two, in which it becomes a crime to argue that the sum of the title is anything but five; 1000 Grams, Tom Bewilogua's rumination on the belly; Filip Tegstedt's horror thriller Marianne (this one's viewable everywhere but the US, the UK, Sweden,, Indonesia and The Netherlands); and Pedro Collantes's 15 Summers Later, a comedy played out on a faraway beach.

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