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Pedro Hestnes, 1962 – 2011

Jornal de Notícias is among the Portuguese news outlets reporting today that Pedro Hestnes, the actor best known internationally for his performances in Pedro Costa's Blood and Casa de Lava and Manuel Mozos's Xavier, has succumbed to cancer at the age of 49. His funeral will be held this afternoon at the Camarate cemetery in Loures. Hestnes had just completed work on Catarina Ruivo's Em segunda mão, currently in post-production, and was first diagnosed just two months ago.

Sad, sad, sad. BLOOD is one of the most gorgeously filmed works I’ve seen. Rest In Peace
Let’s not forget — nothing says Acteur Culte than being in a few of Ossang’s movies. Hestnes’ apotheosis is secure with Docteur Chance. Um abraço…
I was going to bring up Docteur Chance, but Goneganesh beat me to it. What a movie! (And what a face!)
Pedro was a most generous actor and friend. He would give everything even to a less experienced director. His voice will never be equaled on screen.

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