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Picturehouse Cinemas x MUBI

A month of free MUBI for audiences in the UK!


Great news for audiences in the UK! We've teamed up with Picturehouse Cinemas to give you a free month of MUBI so you can watch great movies in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

And there’s more...Picturehouse members can receive a whole three months for free. Every day MUBI curates a wonderful new film and you get a month to enjoy it; this means there are always 30 films to watch. By adding a new film every day, the library stays fresh and exciting. Spend less time choosing and more time watching.  For members, that's three months of unlimited free viewing of a curated selection of some of the world’s most beloved classics and current gems.

We're particularly happy to be partnered with such a wonderful brick and mortar chain to show that online movie watching and theatrical movie-going are neither mutually exclusive or cannibalize each other's business, but rather can support each other and audiences in their cinephilia. There are now more diverse ways than ever to experience a movie, and this partnership represents a unity that is often missing when theaters talk about VOD distribution or vice versa. So: go to the movies and enjoy, and go to MUBI and enjoy! The audiences should always be the winners.

RIP Mubi as the archive (many of which in my and others “wants to watch” lists) disappear.
Hey Deft: the entire film database, lists, etc. all are still a very strong part of MUBI!
That is the coolest film stamp I’ve ever seen. (TAXI DRIVER rocks!)
lol my comment about the fact that all the video archive has gone making my “available to watch is your area” go from 7 pages of videos to just 8 videos has been removed. Is this one of the terms of Picturehouse cinemas, to have no archive anymore? Shame really as alot of the videos that were there were what made Mubi stand out from the other more mainstream companies.

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