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Question of the day. Anticipating Cannes 2011

About to board a flight from New York to Nice (the nearest airport to Cannes), and I have a question for all readers anticipating the 64th Festival de Cannes. From the full lineup (including Competition, Un Certain Regard, Critics' Week, Directors' Fortnight, and all the sections in between) which filmmaker would you most:

  • Want to interview;
  • Want to have a drink with;
  • Want to visit on his or her set while filming?

It might be difficult to do any of the three with some of the deceased filmmakers in the Cannes Classics section, so perhaps, if tempted, you can include those in a bonus round: Filmmakers to bring back from the dead to interview, drink, or observe.



Want to interview; VIMUKTHI JAYASUNDARA Want to have a drink with; TAKASHI MIIKE Want to visit on his or her set while filming? THE DARDENNES Looking forward to the reviews, Daniel. Enjoy the fest!
Want to interview: LYNNE RAMSAY Want to have a drink with: (duh) HONG SANG-SOO Want to visit on his or her set while filming: LARS VON TRIER Live it up, Danny! Have fun.
Want to interview; Kamen Kalev Want to have a drink with; Olivier Assayas Want to visit on his or her set while filming? Terrence Malick enjoy
Interview: Peter Chan Drink: Hong Sang-soo Watch on the set: Takashi Miike
I would want to: -Interview Joachim Trier -Have a drink with Aki Kaurismäki -And visit Lars von Trier on the set (Note: I chose someone other than Hong Sang-Soo to have a drink with just to be different, yes, definitely.) Looking forward to the dispatches have fun sweet neat hurrah!
Interview: Nuri Bilge Ceylan Cocktails: Nicolas Winding Refn On set: Terrence Malick
I would want to: -Interview Naoko Ogigami -Have more than one drink with John Cassavetes -And visit Vittorio De Sica on the set
-Interview Radu Mihăileanu -Have a couple drinks with Woody Allen -And visit Terrence Malick on his set
Want to interview: The Dardennes. As a film student, their body of work has been inspiring Want to have a drink with: Von Trier. What an utterly eccentric nutcase. Want to watch on set: Malick. I’m not a huge fan, but many actors say that working with him is an incredible experience. I would love to know why, how he operates on set, how he works with actors…
Interview: Woody Allen. He has a long career full of work, worthy of a in-depth interview. Drink: None. Not a big fan of any of them. Visit: Lars Von Trier. Slightly curious to see his working method. There really aren’t any filmmakers I’m interested in in the lineup and I have never heard of about 75% of them.
Want to interview; Aureus Solito (his works are interesting and mysterious to look at. Could be the next somebody in world cinema; he surely looks very promising!) Want to have a drink with; I don’t drink, but I would like to go have a snack with the Dardennes because they seem to have a lot of stories brewing in their minds; also Brillante Mendoza (though he seems absent this year) because I find the rawness of his films utterly lacking the sense that they are pretentious. Want to visit on his or her set while filming? Takashi Miike and Ceylan. These two seem to exhibit a lot of poetry in their methods.
How could I forget Peter Chan? He’s the man!
Want to interview; Aki Kaurismaki Want to have a drink with; Penelope Cruz Want to visit on his or her set while filming? Woody Allen
Love your questions! Hope you see some things that really intrigue you- looking forward to your observations! And have some fun!
Interview: Van Sant? Drink: Takashi Miike Set: Terrence Malick

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