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Awesome. If you scroll down your screen fast enough, you get the bare minimum suggestion of motion. Awesome.
Also: you’ve gotta be kidding me! This is what Bennet looked like in ‘31? I’ve looked at this post 3 times without realizing who we were talking about! A far cry from SUSPIRIA.
I would never have recognized her from these pics either – but she is gorgeous.
Ben: is that the only thing you’ve seen her in? She was a major star from the 30s-50s. This is the earliest thing I’ve seen here in, or maybe that Walsh film with Spencer Tracy. She’s gorgeous in this, as Thomas points out.
In ‘39, Bennett played a women on the lam in Tay Garnett’s Trade Winds. She and the character dyed her hair black and never went back to blonde. This prepared her for her powerful performances of the forties with Lang, Ophuls, Renoir, and Zoltan Korda. She was born for noir!
That period of hers sure is great, rregan, but there’s something looser and more boisterous about early-mid 30s Bennett I find charming too!
RECKLESS MOMENT and SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR…so I only know her brunette period. The blondeness is quite a revelation.
She’s simply great in Walsh’s ME AND MY GAL as a waterfront bartender, completely opposite to the image from the 40s and 50s.

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