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Rotterdam 2012. Trailers 2: Tiger Awards + Spectrum

Plus: José Luis Torres Leiva’s leader for the Hubert Bals Fund, Copia imperfecta an homage to Raúl Ruiz.
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"Where's "Trailers 1'?" you might be asking. That roundup's built right into the entry on the lineup for the Bright Future program, where I've embedded 18 trailers. This batch gathers trailers for features in the Tiger Awards Competition and the main Spectrum program.

First, this from the International Film Festival Rotterdam: "José Luis Torres Leiva made this year's leader for the Hubert Bals Fund. Copia imperfecta is a beautiful homage to Raúl Ruiz, the great Chilean filmmaker who died last summer."



Orhan Eskiköy and Zeynel Dogan's Voice of my Father (Babamin sesi)


Huang Ji's Egg and Stone (Jidan he shitou)


Maja Miloš's Clip (Klip)


Óskar Thor Axelsson's Black's Game (Svartur á leik)


Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal's It Looks Pretty from a Distance (Z daleka widok jest piękny)


Park Hong-Min's A Fish (Mulgogi)


Midi Z's Return to Burma


Babis Makridis's L


Okuda Yosuke's Tokyo Playboy Club



The trailer for Davide Manuli's The Legend of Kaspar Hauser with Vincent Gallo is here; the one for Takashi Miike's Ace Attorney is here. Click the titles to see the trailers for Daniel Nettheim's The Hunter and Bouli Lanners's The Giants (Les géants).


Peter van Houten's I'm Still Alive


Abigail Child's A Shape of Error


Cláudio Assis's Rat Fever


Kobayashi Masahiro's Women on the Edge


Rita Azevedo Gomes's A Woman's Revenge (A vingança de uma mulher)


Gabriel Velázquez's Iceberg


Matías Meyer's The Last Christeros (Los últimos cristeros)


Keith Jones and Deon Maas's Punk in Africa


Philippe Falardeau's Monsieur Lazhar


As more trailers for these programs appear, I'll post them here until the festival opens on January 25.

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